About Us

The Story of the Lemon

  Jason Campbell is the owner/creator and has vended many festivals and events per year since .   

    Juicy J's Lemonade started with the idea to create a lemonade stand shaped like a lemon, opening and closing like a lemon wedge.  The idea was put into fruition and soon a lemon was created that opens with a cute face and complete with everything to make tasty drinks. A fresh lemon is squeezed into each cup when purchased. We then fill each cup with our made fresh daily water and lemon juice mix. Add a colorful cover and straw and you are enjoying an ice cold lemonade! Our cups are 32 oz and there is a discount for refills. 

     Add some frozen (not syrups) fruit smoothies, and you have every refreshing yet nutritious drink for a hot day of dancing or enjoying an event! We use ice, juice, and any combination of fruits on hand to freshly blend up a smoothie in front of the customer.  Don't forget the neon straw!

     Now, it has been expanded into the food booth Juicy J's Eatery! We offer a large variety of yummy meals for any time of day. Please check out our menu!

The Experience

     Not only do we serve scrumptious food and drink, we absolutely love to entertain our guests.  We have a section with tables and chairs to relax and eat at,  colorful decorations, live art, and games! We also love to chat and hear what our customers have to say.  Would you like to try to win a free meal by playing a game? Would you like to come paint on our tables, or add to the community canvases we decorate each festival? Or come jam out with your instruments, or talk to some artists! Dress up in costumes, or just relax and watch the action.  We love to please any level of enjoyment you desire!

The Fairytale

     We would be so excited to be a part of your event!  We come to work hard and bring lots of smiles and laughs.  We are looking to expand and become a part of the festival experience.  We are always adding new artwork and artists to our booth.  We always have hard working and friendly staff on board.  And we are always open to new ideas! Juicy J's Food Vending is not only quality energy for your body, but an inspirational place to expand your mind and feel welcome!